Congratulations to Revd Canon Mpho Tutu and Professor Marceline Van Furth


Professor Van Furth and Canon Mpho Tutu

Revd Canon Mpho Tutu and Professor Marceline Van Furth Celebrating their marriage in the final days of 2015.

A wonderful breath of fresh air sweeps across the channel to the isles of Albion this New Year’s day 2016, with news of the marriage of Canon Revd Mpho Tutu and Professor Marceline Van Furth in a small civil ceremony in Oegstgeest in the Netherlands on Thursday

For more on the significance of this privately wonderful celebration of their marriage, in the public sphere of the Anglican Church, soon to be hosting a Primate’s conference at Lambeth – with 37 Archbishops from the Global Communion coming together to talk about the challenges and opportunities now facing Anglicanism world wide – read more here



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Writer, social entrepreneur, coach, academic, Anglican priest, mother and Human Values commentator. Curious as to how power, gender, sexuality, globalisation, migration, faith, and the 'open knowledge economy' are now playing out in our gendered world - how the domestic collides with the former dictates of business, governance and public space. Reaching out for a world in which all children can mature into adults who enjoy space, well-being, love, inter-dependence and dignity. We are still someway off. These musings hope to shorten the distance between hope and realisation in our lives.
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