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Writer, social entrepreneur, coach, academic, Anglican priest, mother and Human Values commentator. Curious as to how power, gender, sexuality, globalisation, migration, faith, and the 'open knowledge economy' are now playing out in our gendered world - how the domestic collides with the former dictates of business, governance and public space. Reaching out for a world in which all children can mature into adults who enjoy space, well-being, love, inter-dependence and dignity. We are still someway off. These musings hope to shorten the distance between hope and realisation in our lives.

Congratulations to Revd Canon Mpho Tutu and Professor Marceline Van Furth

  A wonderful breath of fresh air sweeps across the channel to the isles of Albion this New Year’s day 2016, with news of the marriage of Canon Revd Mpho Tutu and Professor Marceline Van Furth in a small civil … Continue reading

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Bishop Libby Lane – some prayers for a new era

Tomorrow Monday is going to see a truly historic event for the Church of England as it sees a woman made Bishop for the first time within the Provinces of York and Canterbury  since its foundation as the Anglican Church … Continue reading

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The Church of England and AA Home Start

The AA is frequently referred to as the fourth protective agency, and it is no surprise when the fourth arm of the Establishment – the Church of England –  gets into a spot of trouble the call goes out for … Continue reading

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Twelve days – half way house – Gold rings and a brace of pheasants

“What have I got in my pocket?” he said aloud. He was talking to himself, but Gollum thought it was a riddle, and he was frightfully upset. “Not fair! not fair!” he hissed. “It isn’t fair, my precious, is it, … Continue reading

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Twelve days of Christmas Part II – French hens and calling birds

The third and fourth days of the twelve days of Christmas see three french hens and four black birds – allusions of close EU connections from the 16th Century- and how an early morning awakening in D R Congo brought to mind the welcomeness of the third day’s gift. Continue reading

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The twelve days of Christmas – the first two days

The Twelve days of Christmas is one of the best known and yet allusive pieces of writing about Christmas in the canon of carolling emerging from Britain – yet it has french roots, and a complex history which leads us either to the Christ child in a manger or simply a french red legged partridge and its vernacularisation into a pear tree – read on for a deeper understanding of the riddle of the first two days! Continue reading

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No neutrality in the fight for justice.

The title for this blog is taken from a line in a speech made by the former Prime Minister of Pakistan – Benazir Bhutto.   She delivered this speech at the opening day of the 1995 Beijing UN Women’s conference which marked … Continue reading

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No Sex Please – we are Church of England Bishops

This was a post which I guest wrote for Ellee Seymour’s pages back in January 2013. In the light of recent developments here in Britain and in Russia, which I have blogged on above – the posting of this piece … Continue reading

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To hug or to hold? the art of shaking hands in a bro hug age.

To Hug or to Hold? Women Need To Stop Hugging At Work And Start Shaking Hands – this post by got me thinking. The essential thesis of the Grindstone piece is that for women in the North Atlantic zone to … Continue reading

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